Advanced Desktop Publishing

These are works from my Advanced Desktop Publishing class. The assignments required that I follow the design principals listed below.


Newsletter Redesign

The assignment was to find a sample of a newsletter or other informational publication that I believed to be poorly designed. I was to write a short paragraph which listed that design's specific problems, create a storyboard, and design model. I chose the Tourism Office of Budapest, Hungary web site. (This site is no longer available.)

Newsletter Assignment (PDF)

Linked Text

Executive Summary

Reconstructed Newsletter (PDF)
Newsletter edited using Publisher (Publisher)



American Indian Museum

For this assignment I was instructed to go to the Smithsonian's Web site ( and familiarize myself with its content. Create a design model for a brochure that is targeted for a specific purpose and audience.
Museum Storyboard (PDF)
Museum Digital Model (PDF)
Museum Digital Model (Publisher)


Instructional Brochure: Crackle Finish

This is a publication whose primary objective is to teach a specific task or skill.
Crackle Finish Storyboard (PDF)
Crackle Finish Digital Model (Publisher)
Crackle Finish Digital Model (PDF)
Crackle Finish Final Deliverable (PDF)


Web Page Redesign

The web site I chose has since been redesigned.
Pohanka Design Model (PDF)
Pohanka Final Deliverable (PDF)



The purpose of this publication is to provide information on a specific theme.
Genealogy Catalog Design Model (PDF)
Genealogy Catalog.pdf (PDF)


Travel Poster

The focus of this project is to convey an experience through sensory-focused design.
Travel Design Model (PDF)
Travel Digital Model (PDF)
Travel Final Deliverable (PDF)

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