Introduction to WebTycho

The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through WebTycho, the online classroom for the University of Maryland University College. This is by no means comprehensive, but more of an overview and quick reference guide to help you familiarize yourself with the WebTycho system and classroom.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Tours
  3. WebTycho Announcements & Class Access
  4. WebTycho Menus
  5. Classroom Page Identified
  6. Appendix

Getting Started

WebTycho is a program that acts as an alternate to a traditional classroom, giving UMUC students the freedom and flexibility to continue their education while living their lives. Like many things, getting started is half the battle, in this section we will attempt to make the process as smooth as possible. There are several steps involved with logging into and setting up WebTycho for the first time. This guide will cover many steps in depth; also, there will be links or directions to pages for more detailed information.

As a new user you will receive an email with your account information within approximately 24 hours of registration confirmation. If you have not recieved your account information, follow the instructions on the Welcome to Online Study page for the Log In Wizard. Also on the Welcome page is how to get started while you await your account information. Your WebTycho account will remain active as long as you are an active and enrolled student with UMUC.

Welcome to Online Study at University of Maryland University College

If you wish to follow along open the WebTycho Log In page.

*Note* The link to WebTycho will need to be altered when saving it in Bookmarks or Favorites. Not changing the link may lead to having to sign in twice.

Netscape Navigator - open Bookmarks and click either Edit Bookmarks (old version) or Manage Bookmarks (newer versions). Right click on the WebTycho link saved, and then select Properties. In the "Location" section remove the number after http://tychousa (number ). Click ok.

Internet Explorer – open Favorites and right click WebTycho Login, select Properties. The URL text box will be highlighted, click within the box. Move the cursor to the number after http://tychousa (number). Remove the number, click Apply, and then click Ok.

Help and Support

The Help and Support page is accessible from several points within WebTycho. The places of access are the "Welcome to UMUC Log In" page discussed in Welcome to Online Study, the WebTycho Announcements and Class Access area, and the Classroom menu. This page will discuss the different areas and menus available within the Help and Support pages. If you wish to follow along open the Help and Support page from the Log In window or from the classroom help menu.

Note: For the Setting Up, User Guide, Faculty Guide, and Using Text pages discussed below. All of these pages have a list of links running down the left side of the page. These links serve as a table of contents for that section; clicking them will not take you out of that section. At the end of each list is a link to the free Library and TOUR classes offered by WebTycho, discussed later, in the Tours section of this guide. These links are far too numerous to cover here, but for convenience they are listed in the Appendix of this guide.

The next set of links are, in many cases, repeats of material covered by the Help links.

Checklist for Setting Up Step by Step

The steps to this checklist will be highlighted here, for more detailed instructions go to Step by Step Checklist in WebTycho. Going over this checklist is not necessary, however, if you are new to computers or WebTycho it is highly recommended that you walk through these steps. The Step by Step Checklist is part of Setting Up discussed in the Help and Support page of this guide.

Purchase a new computer at a discount through UMUC – The Educational Computing Initiative (ECI) is a partnership with leading manufacturers and the University System of Maryland (USM) to offer discounts on personal purchases of high-quality desktop and laptop computers for students, faculty, and staff, in a price structure that offers the best possible value. The systems included in this offer are Apple, Dell, Gateway, and IBM.

Computer – See "Getting Ready" on the Help & Support page of this guide.

Browser – Browsers and Settings – A browser is a kind of software that enables computer users to access and navigate the World Wide Web and to copy and print materials as well as download information. This page discusses Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, the two most common browsers. For more information on browsers check out the Getting Started link on WebTycho's Help and Support home page.

Internet Access – WebTycho users are responsible for locating and selecting their own Internet Service Provider Companies (ISPs) and for paying their ISP bills.

Troubleshoot connection troublesIf you are unable to connect to WebTycho, log in, or enter your classroom, check this area for possible solutions.

Connecting if you are in the military or registered with European or Asian Divisions – WebTycho access for users in Europe and Asia.

E-mail – This page discusses how to Update your e-mail address in WebTycho, Set e-mail preferences, and Obtain an e-mail account. Also, obtain information about virus protection and advanced tips for using e–mail.

User name and password (WebTycho) – See New Users in Getting Started and Account Preferences in this guide.

Log in to WebTycho – Instructions for logging into WebTycho, how to save WebTycho page to bookmarks or favorites, and logging out. See Welcome to Online Study in this guide.

Change password See "User name and password (WebTycho)"

Account Preferences – Use Account Preferences to make changes to your personal WebTycho account and to the way your classes are displayed. Settings made here will be applied to all of your classes, and you may make changes here as often as you wish. Changes take place immediately. This section will be covered in more detail in the Account Preferences of this guide.

Create your autobiography – (optional) All class members may choose to create a single autobiography. All biographies will remain permanent from class to class, and may be edited by the owner at any time. Please note that all material posted in your biography is public and standard practices of professional demeanor and courtesy apply. A photo may also be submitted.

Access registration and related help resources – This includes IRIS and IFIS (to verify payment and registration), andISIS (allows online access too many of your personal UMUC electronic records). Other areas of interest are Registering for Proctored Exams, UMUC's Information Technology resources, including computer labs and UNIX account assistance, Online Writing Center, Library Services, UMUC Guide to Netiquette, and HTML help.

Familiarize yourself with UMUC's Netiquette Guidelines

Practice using WebTycho with TOUR 101 – This optional, free class is highly recommended for those new to WebTycho. Information on other free classes is also included on this page.

Enroll in VLIB101 to learn about the latest in online research resources. This class too, is optional, free and highly recommended.

Enter your class – After you log in, you will be presented with your Class List. Click on the link to the class you wish to enter. Access to classes is also available from the Classes link at the top of the page.


There are two free classes available to any WebTycho student. These classes are for both those new to the WebTycho environment and for those students who wish to refresh their memory. These classes are both optional, but highly recommended.

One of the two ways to access these classes is discussed in the Welcome to Online Study section of this guide under the heading "Guest" and briefly restated here.

Log In as a guest by following the directions under the User Name and Password area "Guests: Use user name "UMUC Guest" and password "umuc."" This opens the WebTycho Announcements & Class Access page; here you will be able to familiarize yourself with the WebTycho environment. On this page will be two classroom links, VLIB101a (Virtual Library) and TOUR 101, these are optional classes with exercises and tutorials.

The other is through the WebTycho Menu (seen below) in WebTycho Announcements & Class Access page or the classroom itself. All of these areas will be discussed further, refer to the Table of Contents.

Please note that once you Log In you may be asked to register for these classes, this does not change the format of these classes. They are both self paced with no grade given. Registering for these classes allows them to be shown as links in your WebTycho Announcements & Class Access page as well as being listed as classes you are taking under the WebTycho menu under Classes (see menu below).

WebTycho Menues

TOUR101 WebTycho Online Tutorial

TOUR 101 is an online tutorial for the WebTycho environment. This training class is both a preparatory and refresher course for WebTycho students and faculty, new and old. Through the tutorial, you will learn how to navigate through, use, and the location of each of the features in your classroom. To reach the TOUR101 class from the WebTycho

Options Menu

menu click Options then Take a Tour (Orientation is from an older version of WebTycho) or follow the instructions for a Guest user on the Log In page stated above. In the Class Announcements area of this class, you will find information about browser versions and settings. Scroll down to the bottom of this area and follow the instruction in red. The Class Announcements area in this classroom will give descriptions of the class area you are in at that time, and the instructions (in red) will walk you through the classroom.

VLIB101 Virtual Library Classroom

This class provides information to assist you in research and features interactive tutorials on specific topics. To reach this class either follow the instructions for a Guest user or from the WebTycho menu click Library then VLIB 101. This is a much shorter class than the TOUR 101 and it is assumed that you are familiar with the WebTycho classroom environment or have taken TOUR 101. You will learn how to use the library resources available, which include the MdUSA databases and a link to "How to Avoid Plagiarism" a tutorial in UMUC's Online Writing Center.

WebTycho Announcements & Class Access

After you Log In, the WebTycho Announcement page will open. This page has three main areas.

The menu for WebTycho is at the top of the screen and you may access all services at this time. Notice the date and the message "No System Announcement," in the example below.

WebTycho Menus

This part of the menu remains the same both here and in the classroom once you have entered. If there were a system announcement, a subject title would appear after the date. There would also be a link off to the side called "more," click to read the rest of the message. This system announcement area is important to check each time you log in as this it the main communication between WebTycho and the students.

The next frame just below the menu, titled "Class List for Your Name," contains the full text for the system announcement (described above) from WebTycho and a list of your registered classes. The list of classes may also contain classes from previous semesters, this allows you access to your previous class. WebTycho will archive these previous classes, usually after one additional semester, and you will no longer have access to them.

Class List Menu

To enter a class, click on the one you wish to enter. You will be allowed to switch classes again once you are in the classroom by way of the "classes" menu at the top of the page.

WebTycho Menus

Classroom Page Identified


Appendix - About WebTycho

This is a list of the links that serve as a table of contents for the About WebTycho section.

                     User Classifications


Appendix - SETTING UP

This is a list of the links that serve as a table of contents for the Setting Up section.

                     Printer Friendly Guides

                     Step-by-Step Checklist


                     Account Preferences
                         Netscape Settings
                         IE Settings
                         Clear Temp Files
                     Connecting Troubles
                         Advanced Tips
                         Messenger Settings
                         Outlook Settings
                         Free E-mail
                     Enter Class
                     Internet Access
                     International Access
                     Logging In/Out
                     Log In Wizard
                     Registration and Other Help
                     Speed and Performance
                     Take a TOUR
                     User Name/Password


Appendix - USER GUIDE

This is a list of the links that serve as a table of contents for the User Guide section.

                     Printer Friendly User Guide

                     CD ROM Content
                     Chat Room
                     Class Members
                     Class Menu
                     Classmates Online
                     Course Evaluations
                     Proctored Exams
                     Reserved Reading
                     Study Groups


Appendix – Using Text

This is a list of the links that serve as a table of contents for the User Guide section.

                     Printer Friendly User Guide

                     Printing Text
                     Creating Text
                         Plain Text
                     Attaching Files
                     Spell Check
                     Microsoft Word

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