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Introduction to WebTycho

The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through WebTycho, the online classroom for the University Of Maryland University College. This is by no means comprehensive, but more of an overview and quick reference guide to help you familiarize yourself with the WebTycho system and classroom.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Tours
  3. WebTycho Announcements & Class Access
  4. WebTycho Menus
  5. Classroom Page Identified
  6. Appendix
  7. Printable Version of this Guide

This web site is not intended to be a complete guide to WebTycho; it is strictly a summary of the WebTycho Help and Support pages and is not endorsed by WebTycho. This is a class assignment and any inaccuracies are mine, and not the responsibility of WebTycho. WebTycho is continually updating its systems; these changes may make parts of this guide inaccurate. For complete and up-to-date information go to the WebTycho Help page.
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