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The Help and Support page is accessible from several points within WebTycho. The places of access are the "Welcome to UMUC Log In" page discussed in Welcome to Online Study, the WebTycho Announcements and Class Access area, and the Classroom menu. This page will discuss the different areas and menus available within the Help and Support pages. If you wish to follow along as we cover this section click here to open the Help and Support page in a new window.

Note: For the Setting Up, User Guide, Faculty Guide, and Using Text pages discussed below. All of these pages have a list of links running down the left side of the page. These links serve as a table of contents for that section; clicking them will not take you out of that section. At the end of each list is a link to the free Library and TOUR classes offered by WebTycho, discussed later, in the Tours section of this guide. These links are far too numerous to cover here, but for convenience they are listed in the Appendix of this guide. The ones covered in this guide will be linked to the appropriate pages of this guide.

The next set of options are, in many cases, repeats of material covered by the Help links.

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