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WebTycho Announcements & Class Access

After you Log In, the WebTycho Announcement page will open. This page has three main areas.

The menu for WebTycho is at the top of the screen and you may access all services at this time. Notice the date and the message "No System Announcement," in the example below.

WebTycho Menu

This part of the menu remains the same both here and in the classroom. If there were a system announcement, a subject title would appear after the date. There would also be a link off to the side called "more," click to read the rest of the message. This system announcement area is important to check each time you log in as this it the main communication between WebTycho and the students.

The next frame just below the menu, titled "Class List for Your Name," contains the full text for the system announcement (described above) from WebTycho and a list of your registered classes. The list of classes may also contain classes from previous semesters, this allows you access to your previous class. WebTycho will archive these previous classes, usually after one additional semester, and you will no longer have access to them.

Class List Menu

To enter a class, click on the one you wish to enter. You will be allowed to switch classes again once you are in the classroom by way of the "classes" menu at the top of the page.

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