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Results are good, accuracy is better.

Research starts at home, with you! Many people start out their search as far back as possible and work backwards from there. Meanwhile, Great Uncle Zak passes away, and with him goes all that he knew. The hard-learned lesson is to start with the present, your ancestors and their documents are not going anywhere, but your older family members have an infinite amount of information with a finite amount of time to dispense it.

A major requirement for genealogical research is an almost obsessive attention to details. Another is, "Watch out for assumptions!" Be sure you have a source for your information; fact requires documentation!

In this section, we will cover:

  • Stage 1 - Where to Begin
  • Stage 2 - Online Research
  • Stage 3 - Extending Your Research

I researched my family tree...apparently I don't exist!

You finally find the wedding record for your gggrandfather only to discover he married Mary SMITH whose father was John SMITH and mother was Mary JONES!

It's 2005... Do you know where your Great-Great Grandparents are?

Am I the only person up my tree?